Sunday 3 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 12

The conch is blown, wedding regalia worn! Fort Torana is waiting like a bridegroom!

A naturally invincible geographical region like Sahyadri is rare. With towering peaks, horrifying gorges, and invincible fort-citadels this region had fallen into slavery only due to negligent and stupid Yadav kings. The Sahyadri sought a brilliant revolutionary. The forts situated on the might arms of Sahyadri suffered miserably under Sultan's rule. As if they were calling out to the youth, "Wake up and Fight. Put the crown of freedom on my head. Climb my arms. Hide in my heart. Fight from behind my ears. Victory will definitely be yours. We will be free!"

Fort Torana was one impenetrable fort in the invincible Sahyadri. This fort waited patiently with Dhruva's firm resolve and Ahalya's devotion for revolution. In Velhe province of Pune district. This tough fort is in Pune's south-west direction in Kanad basin ten miles as the crow files. Torana is strong. Toran's wealth is huge precipices and great canyons reaching deep into the netherlands. Only breeze would have guts to climb this fort. Only water would have the heart to descend. The Budhala post of this fort is in attach stance like a buffalo. The pinnacle of the fort seemed unconquerable even to wind. There is a narrow, just spanning four fingers, track to go there. Underneath is a sheer valley.

Such a fort Torana and many such forts had gone under Sultan's heels. Not one or two, but three hundred and fifty year of slavery. The sun and the Moon rose and set in darkness. Actually this mountainous strange land was fit to be ruled by Marathas and tigers. But the entire Maval region bowed to Sultans for generations together. Without anger. Minds were dead. Only living corpses remained. Goddess Bhavani of fort Torana killed demon Mahishasur. Raje waited for an opportunity to capture Torana.

To be continue......

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