Saturday 30 May 2015

SYBOM : VRM COnstruction

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji had developed such a wonderful SYBOM that as the work of construction of Vivekanada Rock Memorial should get completed within a particular period got finalised in his mind. Now though he was moving all around the country for collection of funds, his mind was fixed on the construction of Vivekananda Mandapam. His letter to Sri Ramachandra Rao Buldeo is a classic one. Here it is for your ready reference :



Dear Shri Ramachandra Rao Buldeo,

Received your letter dated 12th, and 18th etc. together with enclosures, including the work-report of the week, ending on 22nd January.

From the report it is evident that the work is not yet catching speed. Though it is true that a whole sea of impediments is to be faced by us there, we have to overcome the difficulties by our resourcefulness as well as foresight and intelligent adjustments.


As I expressed before all our departmental heads in my last visit, it is imperative for us to so organize our entire constructional activity that the memorial construction work, by no means, lingers further than the middle of 1969. I want you also to stress this point again and again, and with emphasis, before the in-charges of our various vital departments.


My whole attention remains riveted upon the masonry work of the Vivekananda Mandapam in progress, on the Rock, even as I move from place to place. Had it been feasible, I would have very much liked to know, before going to bed every night, the number of stones that have gone into the walls of the Vivekananda Mandapam. Being unable to keep trace of the daily work from my moving camps, I eagerly await your weekly reports, to know the number of stones or the cubic feet area covered by the masonry work of the Mandapam during the week. But when I get only a vague description of the work done, I feel very much restless.


I, therefore, request you to always mention in your weekly report, both the number of stones used, and the cubic feet area of the masonry work covered by those stones, in that particular week, together with a similar account of the total masonry work of the Mandapam to date. Please show this letter, with its Tamil rendering, to the Sthapathi and convey to him my anxiety.


Please convey my Saprema Namaskars to all co-workers.


Brotherly yours,

Eknath Ranade.

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