Saturday 30 May 2015

And elephants got installed

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says that the Karyakarta should not be casual about the execution and creeping of disorder but should have capacity to detect the disorder and restore the order.
Tolerance and liberality are noble virtues no doubt; but this tolerance can be for the person who committed the mistake and not for the mistake. The mistake must immediately be dealt with to the advantage of the organization; we have two colloquialisms, which are very harmful as they lead to disharmony and loss of efficiency in the organization. We say "by and large" the programme went all right and "broadly speaking" the programme was a great success. Such type of tolerance and liberality should not be tolerated as it leads to inefficiency in the system. The order, if disrupted due to some cause, must be restored.

In EKNATHJI we read :
Eknathji was clear and firm that the construction should be completed before 1970. The minute timetable of when, how much portions of the Memorial and what work associated with it should be completed was prepared. Eknathji had asked for the weekly progress reports from Kanyakumari and he used to ensure that they match with the timetable drawn. Whenever Eknathji came from his tours to Kanyakumari, he would go straight to the Rock. There was no question of travel fatigue. After reaching there, he would see whether the progress was as per schedule or not. Only thereafter, he would proceed to his residence for wash and refreshment.
Once when Eknathji came from tour, Sri Varnekarji was also with him. As usual, Eknathji went straight to the Rock. The flooring was to be completed in the Sabha Mandapam and the two stone elephants were to be installed according to the schedule. As he reached the Rock, some workers tried to suggest that the function proposed on the next day in Sabha Mandapam, could be held on the shore. Eknathji did not reply; he went straight ahead, and reached the front of Sabha Mandapam. He demanded, 'Where are the elephants?' Sri Varnekarji was puzzled, and wondered why the elephants were needed for the next day's function. The workers started stammering to explain why no elephants were there. Eknathji said, "Go and call all the workers; the elephants should be installed today".
It was already evening. Eknathji climbed the steps of the Sabha Mandapam and as he entered, he saw that the flooring was incomplete; then, he realised why the workers wanted to arrange the programme on the shore. Again he declared, "Call all the workers; fix the lights properly for doing the work in the night. The flooring work will start now. It should be over before morning. The function would be held here only. Till the flooring is completed I shall also sit here". The work started in right earnest. Eknathji was requested to go and take rest and the workers promised to complete the work before morning. However, Eknathji refused to go. He was aware of the strain of working in the night, so he too denied rest for himself. He sat through the night.
"Why do you insist so much? In construction work it does happen often that the work drags", asked Sri Varnekarji. "Dada, if a delay of one day is tolerated, then slowly it would expand into months and years and this memorial would not come even in my life time. After this is completed, a bigger and living memorial to Swami Vivekananda is to be developed. Therefore, we cannot brook, for the sake of the nation, the delay of even one day", Eknathji replied.

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