Tuesday 19 May 2015

Atmabodha - Concern & not complaint

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji makes us all to contemplate on yet another dimension of Atmabodha where it is not the complaint, but the concern that dominates. Let's see what Prathana says about it :

Another dimension of Atma is, it is pervading everywhere. Therefore working with Atmabodha means working with the feeling of Oneness for all. The whole universe is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent as Ishvara pervades it, which is  'Atma'. Thus working with Atmabodha means, feeling the whole universe as manifestation of the 'Self '. The society, nation, universe become the expanding realities of the Self. Once that owning comes then our whole approach to all that we undertake starting with our own workers in the organization become that of love, care, affection and even forgiveness. Sometimes while eating, the tongue gets bitten by mistake; but we don't knock off the teeth. While walking sometimes we stumble and hurt our toes but we do not cut off our legs for that. But we try to take care of the wounded toe and cure it as early as possible with all concern. There is no complaint against the leg, but only concern for it.


Same is the case when worker works with Atmabodha, he accepts others with their shortcomings, and he corrects with patience the mistakes of others. It is only in an extreme case when a leg becomes a threat to the survival of the whole body itself then the leg is cut off. Even the cutting off the leg is with pain and not with glee. A worker working with Atmabodha will have concern for others drawbacks' and not complaints. He would try only to correct  other person but not destroy him by talking about his shortcomings to others. With love in heart when we work for the society, then we see problems in different perspective and naturally our ability to solve it, to turn into opportunities enhances. The practice of Tyaga, Seva and Atmabodha once in a way will not solve the problem. The practice has to be continuous. Therefore the use of word 'Sada' - always, is very significant. Continued awareness and efforts for practice of Tyaga, Seva and Atmabodha are needed in this path. Thus with Tyaga, Seva and Atmabodha all the difficulties in our path can be understood and accepted in right perspective and transformed into stepping stones towards the goal.

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