Wednesday 6 May 2015

Execute Chatussutri effectively

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
After explaining the Chatussutri, Mananeeya Eknathji states the qualities of the person needed to properly execute the Chatussutri. In the words of Swamiji we have already seen some aspects. Here Mananeeya Eknathji tells. :
Every worker must be a master organizer. He is fully inspired and convinced. He becomes the magnet and the whole atmosphere of the place is as it were under his spell. He moulds the place according to his desire and gives it a proper shape and the colour. He becomes the messenger of the thought that he has received and he befriends everybody. He is all alone in the place. There is no comrade or any companion for him. But he is so well equipped and so highly inflamed that wherever he goes, he puts his mark on the place.

Like the fire which creates heat in any place it is kept, he goes on spreading his message to every individual he comes across and his very presence inspires the place. As a matter of fact he is as it were a new-born person and becomes the very message incarnate. He has to spread the message of his mission and he befriends everybody. He avoids finding fault with others. He just critically puts forward and states the facts as they are but does not spread hatred among the people. The question will be "What are you? Are you perfect? Your duty is to deliver the message. Do it perfectly well and do something in that way."

Here we find the importance of ma vidvishavahaihi that all of us chant everyday.
This prayer Sahnavavatu sahnaubhunaktu... is said before any collective undertaking like a meeting, seminar etc. because in real sense in a team we should be always learning from each other at every given moment. So all the time that we are together either planning, discussing in a team-meeting, this prayer guides our attitudes, approach and interactions with each other. Let our interaction nourish each other. Our interaction should strengthen our bonds, our connections with each other so well that our work would always be full of energy and heroic deeds.  By collective interaction, the knowledge that we acquire should be fruitful and effective. Our knowledge should result in brightness, strength and clarity. Let the knowledge that we gain may activate us, may be seen reflected in our purposeful and fruitful actions. Let our interactions not spread hatred or dislike about each other.  But may the knowledge acquired through our interactions radiate fruitfulness and success.     

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