Sunday 10 May 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
In this world let the obstacles in our Pilgrimage to our destination always be removed by our Renunciation, Service and Self-knowledge.

This is an important attitude that the Karyakarta should have. The whole life, the whole work is nothing but pilgrimage - Nar ka Narayan hone ki Sadhana - and therefore, everything that comes on the way is to be welcomed. Nothing is to be taken as obstacle but an opportunity to excel. Therefore, in the Prarthana, Mananeeya Eknathji stresses on this point.

Mananeeya Eknathji wrote, "There are two types of people travelling in train. There are travellers and there are wanderers. Travellers have a destination. They have the necessary ticket, and other things for the journey. They will travel only by the train, which takes them to their destination, whatever difficulties, and troubles may arise on their journey. The wanderers have no aim. They board any train, and when driven out, for want of a ticket they will get down at any station and catch any other train, wherever it may go. Their destination is not fixed, for, there is no goal for them. Thus, if the goal or destination is determined, we travel purposefully; otherwise it is a meaningless, useless and worthless wandering only. "Once we all in Kendra have set out for national reconstruction by forming an ideal society, naturally we are Dhyeyam¡rg¡nuy¡tri- the pilgrims and not wanderers.


Pilgrims will have lot of difficulties on the way. Higher the goal more difficult will be the obstacles and hurdles on the way. But these obstacles are mainly to bring out the best in us. Each difficulty is a stepping-stone and an opportunity in disguise on the path of pilgrimage. Thus  we do not pray to Ishvara to remove the difficulties from our path. Because difficulties are opportunities in disguise which need to be turned into opportunities. By our Tyaga, Seva and Atmabodha only we can do this. The joy of the Dhyeya yatra - pilgrimage is more in the journey than  in destination. The test is also in journey and not in destination. So the experience of the pilgrimage is more important than perhaps the destination reached directly. If we are dropped directly in front of the cave of Amarnath and again lifted back to our home, the elevating experience one gets while climbing the cave of Amarnath will be lost. Similarly the difficulties on the path of our goal are required to bring out our renunciation, service and Atmabodha- to bring out the best in us.

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