Monday 18 May 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Mananeeya Eknathji tells us that Atmabodha is another important way to remove the difficulties on the way to destination or Dhyeya. He says:

We also destroy our difficulties in a special way is 'Atmabodha'. What is Atmabodha? Atmabodha means to be aware of one's' Atma'. There are two dimensions to it. One is to be aware of one's Atma means to be aware of our essential divine nature. We are not just body-mind complex. Body and mind are our instruments. We are divine by nature. Hurdles or difficulties, which come in the form of opposition and dangers, will not frighten workers who are aware of their divinity. The constant awareness of our divine nature will keep us poised and balanced in all situations. Once the 'I' is not identified with body-mind complex then capacity to bear hurts and humiliations for the sake of work become immense, which is very essential for congenial atmosphere and growth of organization. As Eknathji says in Sadhana of Service, "A congenial atmosphere and a proper understanding help the speedy growth of the organization. If these are not observed, there is definitely a downfall and as we often notice, small things are magnified and misrepresented as gross mistakes and disastrous shortcomings and as a result, an unwanted displeasure is caused which is suicidal to the interests of the organization. Therefore, everyone must clearly understand: i) WHAT TO SPEAK ii) WHOM TO SPEAK and iii) WHERE TO SPEAK. For want of these wholesome observances, a small wrong caused to one's own self individually may result in a great injury to the whole organization.


"You may not be able to understand the implications of the thought, which I have dilated upon, but you ruminate over it, if it is not digested at present. We must be willing to gulp our insults and to conceal others' wrongs. As a matter of fact, an organizer must possess a very big belly to swallow all sorts of unpleasant things!" Thus a worker working with Atmabodha shall take utmost care to keep the atmosphere positive and inspiring by his words, actions and thoughts. He shall also have a large belly to swallow the hurts and humiliations so as not to spoil the atmosphere. 

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