Friday 1 December 2023

Ma's Motherhood

Holy Mother's love was so deep and so rare that those who lived with her felt it even in her actions. Once in Jayrambati, Brahmachari Jnana (later Swami Jnanananda) had such a severe case of eczema that he could not feed himself. While he was sick the Mother fed him and then removed his leaf plate for him.

Brahmachari Rasbihari (later Swami Arupananda) was busy with the construction of Holy Mother's new house in Jayrambati. One day he went to a neighboring village to do some errands but did not return before lunch. It was a short winter day. He returned a few hours before evening and heard that the Mother had not had her meal but was instead waiting for his return. He rushed to her and remonstrated: "Mother, your health is not good. Why have you been fasting all this time?" The Mother replied: "My son, how can I eat when you have not yet eaten?" Rasbihari immediately sat for his meal so the Mother and other women devotees could take their food. How many mothers in this world would treat their children this way?

Celebrating 50 Glorious Years of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial : विवेकानन्द शिला स्मारक - एक भारत विजयी भारत :
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