Sunday 12 March 2017

Niyatam karma....

Mananeeya Eknathji says :
Whether it gives us happiness or not we must do what is required.
A worker of the Kendra should get up early in the morning and by sunrise he must be up and doing, having performed his ablutions. If this habit is already formed, well and good; otherwise it is never too late to form it. We have taken this Vratam (vow) of "Serving the country". When people cannot cope with this hard new life, they put forward some excuses and return home. How sacred of us and of our vow! We have willingly accepted the Vratam and whatever is essential for the fulfillment of the same has to be executed. We have to change old habits and cultivate new habits to suit our work.

A lamb cannot be a lion nor can a lion be a lamb. The kid of the lamb even though brought up with the lion cubs cannot jump at the elephants and pounce upon them.
Shurosi Kritavidyosi Darshaniyosi putra
Yasmin kule tvamutpannah Gajastatra na hanyate – Panchatantra

A lion, however, tamed, cannot eat grass.
Kim Jeernam Trinamatti manamahatama Agresar kesarihi

A lion is a non-vegetarian while a lamb lives only on grass. The nature of the species cannot be changed. A horse cannot go under water and swim and a fish cannot trot on the ground. A mouse cannot fly like a bird. But man can walk on ground, swim in water and fly in sky. He can do anything that he can conceive of. He can be a god and also a demon. But the will to change must prevail. The miserable note of "What can I do if I am not happy?" is not acceptable at all. Whatever is essential must be done. There must be willingness, a determined will to do. There is a parable that out of this strong will power man has acquired the six senses. "I will change thoroughly if necessary. I am dedicated and my work requires it. I can make my heart as large as the sky and I can banish all weaknesses which come in the way. Whatever makes me weak will be specifically avoided." This unconquerable will must be there.
Morning, noon and night, nay every day must be spent in the pursuit of the ideal. Fashion your life accordingly. Be conscious about waste of time and energy. Utilize every moment of life and every ounce of energy for the allotted work. No efforts are too great to meet the demands of the work.

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