Monday 27 March 2017

Nation An extension of Man

Swamiji used to say that every Nation has got a mission in life. Like every individual has got a mission in life. Otherwise we would not have been born. We are born with a mission. The success of our life depends upon our identifying that mission and fulfilling it through our life. Then life becomes fruitful, successful.  The same is the case with the Nation also. So, each Nation has its own mission and all these missions are complementary and supplementary. When every Nation fulfills its mission and cooperates with all other Nations, then the world will be a happy, joyful, perfect, divine world. Just like when every individual fulfills his mission and cooperates with each other, the social life, the family life also has mission. When that is fulfilled the family life will become successful. I should say the family life will become divine. The social life will become divine. The National life will become divine. The human life will become divine. That is the purpose of God. So this is the relation between individual and the Nation.

It is not a mere collection of individuals. But individuals with their own mission and a Nation with its mission, both must grow fully. Both must totally cooperate and identify with each other. The individual and the nation must integrate and become fully conscious of the mission. The mission of the Nation is not different from the mission of the individual.

Swamiji used to call ours as Hindu Nation. This is a Hindu Nation. In this Hindu Nation, the mission of the nation and the mission of every Hindu are complementary. They cannot be contradictory. The totality of the mission of every Hindu will be the National mission. This sort of an integration is necessary. It is just like saying the mission of the eye, the mission of the nose, the mission of the ear-though they are different- they are one with the mission of the whole body. The body cannot have a different mission. There is an integration. The National individuality also will be fulfilled when the personal individuality of every individual becomes one with the totality of the national mission. There is a total integration between the individual and the Nation. As a matter of fact, it is all these individuals extending and expanding themselves that will lead to the fulfillment of the National mission.

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