Thursday 23 March 2017

Nation - An Extension of Man

While speaking of "Nation – An Extension of Man", Mananeeya P Parameswaranji said :

"Man", we all understand. There is no difficulty to understand the word man. When I say man or woman-our education system has conditioned us to think of the person in a limited biological sense only. 

For example, Swamiji said, "Man making is my mission". An ordinary man knowing English will ask this question "Are we not already men? How are you going to make us men?"

The meaning given by Swamiji to the word 'man' and the general meaning of it are different. All of us are men or women. But what is it that Swamiji means, when he says. "I want Men"? Men includes women also here. The man Swamiji means is different from the ordinary man we think about. There is a qualitative difference between them though quantitatively the same.

That man of Swamiji is a 'Man' – with a good physique with a developed mind, with very sharp intellect and with a spiritual dimension. Only when all these things are there the specifications which Swamiji means – will the man qualify for the term "Man". Otherwise all are men. So when we use the word 'man' in the sense Swamiji used it, we have to understand it correctly, differently, with its full significance, i.e. a Man fully developed, physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. So if, even the simple word 'man' has to be understood in a special way, how much more difficult it is to understand the word Nation? Nation is an extension of man. What is a Nation? That is also difficult to understand. The word Nation is an English word and we know the meaning as given by English people to the word Nation.

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