Sunday 26 March 2017

Nation - An Extension of Man

Like a tree, there is a seed. That seed sprouts and becomes a plant. Branches are there and flowers are there, fruits are there. It is a living thing. Nowadays we make plastic plants to decorate our rooms. We get plastic flowers and fruits. Leaves are there. Everything is there. But they are not of a tree. There is no life. But family is a living concept. So Nation also is living entity. A family can give birth to a bigger family, but a plastic plant can only be a plastic plant. Similarly a Nation also is a living being. It has come out of a seed. It has become a plant. It has branches, many flowers and fruits. Many birds live in that. Leaves fall down. New leaves sprout. This way, it is a growing organism.

A Nation is also a growing organism and every growing organism must have a birth. It is born. It grows. Similarly, a nation also is born out of a seed. And you know a seed can produce only a specific variety of tree – not different types of plants. Only one type. One seed – one type. You plant a mango seed. Out of that only a mango tree will be born. You cannot get a neem tree out of it. Similarly, if you plant a neem seed, a neem tree will grow out of it. That is the nature's law. Similarly, every Nation is born and has grown. As is the nature of the seed, so is the nature of the tree. Similarly, the nature of the Nation depends upon the nature of the seed out of which it is born.

So every tree has got a speciality. Every Nation also has got a speciality. No two Nations are similar. No two species of trees are also similar. That way, every individual also is special. Now, we are here-so many individuals. Is any one similar to another person? Everybody has two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two ears. That is true. But everyone is different from another. There is a uniqueness. A distinction is there. The speciality is there. That is the greatness of God. He has made billions of human beings, but no one is a carbon copy of another. You go to the sea-shore. Every sand particle is different from another. You take two particles and examine under a microscope. You take two particles and examine under a microscope. You will find no two are the same. What a great infinite variety is there in that divine creations. Who has created all this variety? Every Nation is different from another Nation because the seed out of which it has sprung is different. God does not duplicate. God creates. It is not a duplication.

There is the divine quality in every Nation. God has infinite qualities and every Nation is endowed with some quality which belongs to God. You know every human being is divine. Some quality of God is in everyone of us. We are not mere human beings. We are divine, Potentially divine. So some divine quality is in every one of us. We do not know what it is. The moment we know it, we try to develop the divinity - Manifestation of the divinity. Similarly, in every Nation also there is one divine quality, which that Nation embodies. And that Nation lives only to manifest that divinity. I live, because God has given me some divine mission, some divine purpose. I live only to manifest that. And, so long as I am faithful to that divinity, I live. The moment it is over or I give it up, I die. Understand that. So in every Nation there is a divine quality, which can be called its soul. Every nation has a soul, which is a God given quality, which is part of the divinity. And the purpose of a Nation is to manifest that divinity.

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