Tuesday 23 August 2016

King and his four queens

Yesterday I was with Sri Aaba Nandurdikarji. He told me a story which I am sharing with you all.

There was a king with four of his his queens. All of them were special and so King used to take care of them in a special way. The first one was his favorite and he always remained with her. 24 hours she used to be with him. He had extremely special love for her and therefore, all types of care he used to take as far as she was concerned.
The second was the most beautiful one and King used to be extremely proud of her. Her charming beauty, attracting manners always made King love her most. She was well guarded with military men and none had access to her except the King. Her beauty was so special to the King.
Third one was also dear to the King. She used to come to the whenever she felt. Or King used to go to her whenever he felt. But when both used to meet, they were extremely happy and joyful. On demand, both were available to each other.
The fourth one was extremely unfortunate. She used to stay in jungle. Though near, she was uncared. Though she loved the King, his love was not available to her and though queen, she was neglected by the King.

He ruled the kingdom well and enjoyed the life with all four queens and now it was a time to depart. Before that he felt, he should find out from them as to what extent they loved him and whether they will accompany him. And so, one by one, he approached all of them.
The first one was told, O queen, my time to depart is approaching. 'I shall leave for the eternal abode shortly. I fondled you and you were all the time with me. Will you come with me?' 'No, I shall be with you till the burial ground. Then I shall not be with you. I shall depart to my own abode. I shall not come with you.' The King was shocked to hear her dearest queen's remark.
He approached to the second one. He told the same things to her and how he guarded her beauty was also told to her. 'Will you accompany me?' 'No. As soon as you depart from here, I shall not come with you. My life is precious. I shall go with somebody else. You have to go on your own.'
On hearing both the queens replies, the King approached the third queen with a broken heart. He told her about his departure and asked 'will you come with me?' 'No, dear one! One has to go all alone. I am not going to be come with you. I have my own affairs to take care. As soon as you go, I shall mourn for some time, shall do shraddha for you, shall do some charity for you and then, I shall go in my own way.'
The king was dismayed by the replies of all three of his queen to whom he did everything. As he had not done anything to the fourth queen, he was not feeling like approaching her. But then, with all courage, he approached her and told her that he was leaving the world. He also told her that he didn't care for her and was feeling very sorry for the same. But, 'will you come with me?', he asked. 'YES, I am yours now and for eternity. You may take care of me or not, but I shall always remain with you. I love you and in whatever condition you may be, I shall always remain with you.'
The King was very happy at least one of the queen, though neglected, uncared by him was ready to go with him.

Activity : Who are these four queens? Do you know them? Do tell us.

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