Monday 29 August 2016

Is man master or slave of time?-6

Apparently it is a moment of isolation as we feel cut off from all things. We feel lonely because then every thing is within us, because attention, which ordinarily feels its presence by projecting itself and perceiving things, slides into its own source. This isolation makes us afraid. But the liberated man, who had lived all his life liberated of all choice and necessity, who had experienced attention without object, is not afraid of the moment of death. He knows what it means and he fades into it with joy. For us too it can be a moment of attention without object. We can integrate with it in joy instead of fighting against it with fear and finally succumbing to it. The liberated man conquers death as he had before death mastered time, by liberating himself of choice and necessity. We too can do so.

When this identity is felt by and through love, then loving is spontaneous. It becomes the natural law of life and not the result of a necessity or the result of thinking that I should love. The planes of necessity though so real in life, where are they by the side of the intensity of experience that identity with the All can give? Those planes pale into insignificance. When we have realized this identity and this realization is as simple as existence, we exist and we naturally know that we exist, and so to exist is to love then we have no need to think that we should love or we should grow. It is when we lack this realization that we think so. Do we grow because we think we should grow? If so, it is not a spontaneous growth, it is the result of thought. Do we think because we should think? Before we think, we should think we are already thinking. Before we think we should be awake, we are awake. This is the grandeur and glory of life. We cannot catch up with life's moving intensity. Life is spontaneous, we need not have to push it. And we can never cope with this moving spontaneity, this moving Self, this moving eternity that decide to be time and give us perception but at the same, time moves on to avoid our grasp. This quality of life it gets by its very position of being at the threshold of time and eternity.

Activity : Before we think we should be awake. Did it happen to me today?

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