Thursday 25 August 2016

Is man slave or master of time?-2

How  to capture the forces of desire, aspiration and of necessity?

Just by knowing - knowing that they have no force of their own, that their force is what we have given them. We have recognised them and we have given them our force and then they started driving us as if we were their slaves!

It is something like the story of the camel who first wanted to shelter only its head in the tent and who finally became the sole occupant of the tent pushing out its real owner. It is like the story of the servant dominating the master with the power the latter has given him.

But we know it not. The price of ignorance is great. It is life-long slavery. And when ignorance is pierced through then also the prize is great. It is life with Life immortal, a Life which drives time, desire, passion and necessity as the four horses yoked to the chariot of Life and the Self inside the chariot, the Self which moves, but in reality moves not. For movement, evolution, becoming, are for those who are caught in the grips of desire and necessity. They want to move. But the Self or the liberated man though he moves, moves not; for he is not involved by the desire of becoming something which he is not. He knows what he is in reality and this reality of his is the All. The All is a harmony of being and becoming. The liberated man looks at the aspect of becoming, in which, of course, time is included. By his look which is the look of being, he gives being to time. Time then instead of flying like a bird comes home to roost, comes home to live in the interior of the Self of the liberated man. All driving stops; it is all peace and plenitude. He then realizes that life is not all driving and hurry; that real life is in peace, that life's roots are in peace and in silence where time must have a stop, though life's trunk projects itself in the realm of turmoil and strife.

Activity : Know which forces are consuming time at least in any one hour of the day?

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