Sunday 21 August 2016

An ant teaches

The ant is very busy, and it has its own time off also. You can see it just sitting there in one place for some time, and then getting busy. Then, it seems to communicate something to another ant who is approaching, and that one turns around and they go off together for some exploit. Both of them, or a gang of them, go and attack some sugar crystal. It is too big for one of them to manage, but together, they can pull the sugar crystal to where they want it, and finish off the whole thing. In between, the ant stops; it takes its own time. It does not seem to worry much, even though people are walking nearby. It can die any time, but it does not seem concerned. It just keeps busy.


If that ant can survive—not only one but teeming millions—right on the sidewalk, living as I am in this vast world, I can easily find my livelihood. The future will take care of itself. I may plan for the future, but I do what I can do today. That is all. Today's plan is like this, and tomorrow's plan may be the same, or I may revise it. This 'one day at a time' never goes away. These are the attitudes that bring about surrender.

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