Tuesday 16 August 2016

God's Upakaran

In the Kena Upanishad, there is the story of the Invisible Spirit and the gods. Once a battle raged between the gods and the demon. By the grace of the supreme Self, Brahman the gods won the battle. But at the hour of victory they forgot the source of their strength, and became boastful, asserting that they had won by their own power and prowess.

Brahman, the absolute Spirit, wanted to teach the gods a lesson. It manifested itself before them as an Invisible Spirit, Yaksha. The gods did not know who the Yaksha was. Agni, the Fire -god, was  commissioned to identify the Spirit. The Spirit asked Agni to prove his power by burning a blade of grass. Agni found to his dismay that he could not burn it.

Vayu, the Wind-god who came next could not move the blade of grass. Thereafter, Indra the chief of the gods, wanted to solve the mystery himself. But, alas, he could find no trace of the Spirit. At that moment, in the very same quarter of the sky, where the Yaksha had appeared, Indra saw a woman of great beauty, Uma the daughter of Himavan. She, who was the personification of wisdom, was asked by Indra: 'Who is this Yaksha?' Uma instructed him: ' It is Brahman through whose glory you were able to vanquish your enemies'.

The significance of this story is that the ultimate Reality, Brahman, is beyond the reach of the sense-organs and the mind, that Brahman is the eye of the eye, the ear of the car, the mind of the mind.

Activity : When should you remember this story?


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