Tuesday 30 August 2016

Is man slave or master of time? -6

We live in time and die in time. Mystics realized the intemporal in time. The radiance of eternity shines through its stain, namely time. Eternity is affirmed in time and not in eternity and this is possible because of life's time transcending quality.

Do we see eternity? We see it, feel it when Beethoven's symphony makes us participate in the peace in movement or the motionless in the moving. We see it in the painting when we see behind the painting not the brush but the painter's heart that moves and moves not…. Life is not content until eternity is condensed and enjoyed. And that is what we do in every moment of desire and aspiration.

 Is not desire eternal? We feel it is and that is why we run after desire. It survives any number of lives. Desire, as it were, takes us in its hand and enjoys us and when it had enough of us it drops us. But then we, by our spirituality, can reverse the process. We can take desire by the hand and suck it dry as an orange and when it is finished, we can drop it.

That is what spiritual men do. Then the eternity of desire is transferred on to us. It is the same with aspiration. Instead of thinking that aspiration takes us by the hand and pushes us, we can take aspiration and use it and drop it when we have had enough of it. When it is said that the liberated men are swayed neither by desire, nor by passion, nor by thought, it means that the eternity of these is no longer felt by the liberated, for in their own eternity is consumed the eternity of desire. Because we unconsciously feel the eternity of desire and not our eternity, we are after them, we thirst after their eternity.

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