Monday 22 February 2016

Wake up Bharat

The task before India was to reclaim her great spiritual heritage, apply it for self-renewal and present it to the world in a practical form. But she was in slumber. Swami Vivekananda gave a clarion call to India to wake-up from her slumber of hundreds of years.
Wake up Bharat to your inherent strength! Devanirmitam Desham, Rishinirmitam Rashtram – the land of India is the creation of God; the Indian Nation is the creation of the Rishis. The land of India is beautiful. It has all types of weather conditions, tremendous bio-diversity, plenty of sun and rain and richness of minerals. The blessings are many. In this land, the Rishis by their penance have given us a way of life, a vision of life which raises man to divine heights. What do we lack? And yet we, the Shakti-worshippers have become crying babies, weaklings. Swami Vivekananda used to say, To have the ideal is one thing, and to apply it practically to the details of daily life is quite another thing. (CWSV, vol. III, p. 194)

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