Wednesday 10 February 2016

Vision of Oneness

Vision of Oneness ....contd
Modern Science too is coming to this conclusion.
As the One expresses itself as many existence is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Danah Johar and Ian Marshall write in SQ:
The Ultimate Intelligence, Quantum field theory describes all existing things as being states or patterns of dynamic oscillating energy. You and I, the chairs in which we sit, the food we eat are all patterns of this energy. And what does this energy oscillate on? The ground state of all being is a still ocean of background state of unexcited energy called the quantum vacuum. All things that exist are excitations of the quantum vacuum, and the vacuum therefore exists as the center within all things. Vacuum energy both underlies and permeates us. We are 'waves' on the ocean' of the vacuum. Quantum vacuum is the ultimate center and source of the self. When the self is truly centered it is centered in the ground of all beings. (p. 160)

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