Wednesday 10 February 2016

The Message of Oneness

How will this spiritualization of humanity take place? What are those
life-giving principles?

1. The message of Oneness
What does spiritualization of the human race mean? Spiritualization does
not mean religious activities. It is the way of life based on the vision
of Oneness. Our Rishis had asked several questions, "Is there any
connection between all these unconnected parts, the diverse elements?" ;
"What is it by knowing which everything becomes known?" Kasmin nu
bhagavo vijnatam sarvamidam vijnatam bhavati?; "If everything in this
universe has a purpose, what is the purpose of human life?";"What is it
that does not change in this transient world?". Their thirst for the
infinite, for the unchangeable made them go to great lengths and study
the question in depth. With their sharp intellect which could transcend
itself and through their deep penance, they realized that everything is
the expression of the One. The ultimate purpose of human life is to
realize this Oneness.
This is the message that India has to give to the world.
Swamiji explains,
The other great idea that the world wants from us today, the thinking
part of Europe, nay, the whole world …is that eternal grand idea of the
spiritual Oneness of the whole universe. I need not tell you today, men
from Madras University, how the modern researches of the West have
demonstrated through physical means the oneness and the solidarity of
the whole universe; how, physically speaking, you and I, the sun, moon,
and stars are but little waves or wavelets in the midst of an infinite
ocean of matter; how Indian psychology demonstrated ages ago that,
similarly, both body and mind are but mere names or little wavelets in
the ocean of matter, the Samashti; and how, going one step further, it
is also shown in the Vedanta that behind that idea of the unity of the
whole show, the real Soul is one. There is but one Soul throughout the
universe, all is but One Existence. This great idea of the real and
basic solidarity of the whole universe the one great life-giving
idea which the world wants from us today, and which the mute masses of
India want for their uplifting, for none can regenerate this land of
ours without the practical application and effective operation of this
ideal of the Oneness of things. (CWSV, vol. III, pp. 188-189.)

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