Wednesday 6 January 2016

Invoking the Glory of Bharat Varsha

Invoking the Glory of Bharat Varsha
                                                                                                             – by Sadguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev

Nations are generally made and held together on the basis of race, religion, language or ethnicity. Sameness is the formula of nation-building, but India stands in defiance of this mediocrity. "Bharatvarsha" lived for thousands of years, a union of over two hundred kingdoms. King Bharata extended the boundaries of his empire, more through inclusion than conquest.

The word "Bharata," literally means: "bha" for bhava, "ra" for raga, and "ta" for tala – the fundamentals of music and dance. The arts evolved phenomenally in this land. A few thousand years ago when the rest of the world was striving and struggling in nomadic groups for survival, India saw the heights of music, mathematics, astronomy and scientific development.

We took pride in building the nation not on the sameness of people but on their diversity. Every fifty kilometres of travel, you found people with different languages and lifestyles. Bharat was recognised as a human being – Bharat Mata, where all these different parts were part of one body. We do not expect the little finger and nose to function the same way, but they are together. There was an organic unity which this culture nurtured very carefully, tied together with a strong spiritual thread.

The fundamental aspect of living in India is that whether you are a king, businessman or householder, your highest goal is mukti or liberation. It was not even god or heaven – God is just a stepping stone for us. This country is the only 'god-less' country on the planet because here, we know that God is of our making. We developed a whole science of "god-making" through which you can create your very own god – your ishta devata. This is a land of an estimated 33 to 330  million gods and goddesses!

India never had any belief system or established morality. There was only vibrant spirituality, and that has always been the guiding force. Right now, India is facing a certain danger because this spiritual thread is being systematically hacked at, and there is no moral structure to fall back on.

The Indic region has mastered the laws that govern inner wellbeing. In the modern world, nations of great affluence are suffering from a terrible sense of disenchantment within. We have the know-how and scientific methods that could lead to wellbeing of all. Before individuals step out towards external accomplishments, they must arrive at a sense of inner wellbeing. It is only in this that individual human beings can go beyond personal ambition and strive for a larger vision. This is of utmost importance now, because for the very first time, we as a generation have reached a place where we have all the necessary resources, capability and technology to address every human problem on the planet. Only an inclusive consciousness is missing. The very basis of what we refer to as Bharat is this inclusiveness. 

It is time we reap the benefits of this profound tradition in its full glory.  We are a nation of great possibility. Let us make it happen!

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