Friday 1 January 2016

Change to culture of dynamism

Dr R A Mashelkar says for Samartha Bharat, the more problems would be from Indians. Therefore, he insists on Indians believing in India, her traditions, her Indian Talent, he accommodating and assimilating nature. Let us all work with this confidence in ourselves.

The rest of the world will go the Indian way. But what about India? Will globalization not destroy India? Will we not lose our identity? Let me re-emphasise that Indian civilization has accommodated new elements from outside over the entire course of its history. Indian society has shown a great capacity to accommodate diverse and contradictory elements without losing its identity. Therefore, the fears about the impact of globalization in terms of losing our identity are unwarranted. Our challenge today is to maintain this traditional record for diversity while finding more room for quality and individual freedom.

For India, which is an ancient civilization, one century can only be a chapter in its history. I do believe that the chapter on the 21st century India is going to be our crucial chapter. It will set the mood and tone for our future. We can make it a golden chapter if we believe in ourselves. All that we need is an attitudinal change towards life and work. A shift from a culture of drift to a culture of dynamism, from a culture of idle prattle to a culture of thought and work, from diffidence to confidence and from despair to hope. I am sure, this will happen and we will see India emerge as a major power in the world.

On this first day of 2016, Dr Mashelkar says : Our very best wishes are with you for a spectacular climb on that limitless ladder of excellence in any field that you choose to get in. Please do go beyond that coma, complete the sentence, then a para, then a chapter. Let us all write this golden chapter of the twenty first century India.

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