Wednesday 18 November 2015

Your outlook towards life matters

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

When anything happens and when we are unable to trace the reason for it, we just pass the remark, "Accidentally it happened so, without rhyme or reason". But, we conveniently forget that there is a cause for everything. No effect takes place without a cause. What we stamp as an accident is really an incident, because it has a cause. That we are not capable of locating the cause properly does not make it an accident. An incident is a cumulative effect of so many things. Some of them may be visible, some invisible, some may be traceable, others may not be traceable. There is nothing like fate. It is the result of actions, if not of this life, of the past life.
Mananeeya Eknathji further says :
But the past is past, what about the future? It is in your hands. You are the architect of your future. It is no accident that you are born here in this status. It is the inexorable law of Karma, of action. "Reap as you sow" is the unchallengeable axiom. The present is the effect of the past and thus it is not in our hands as the past is past and cannot be altered. But the future will be the effect of the present and hence it is under our control to be moulded in the way we want to. What people term as good luck or fortune or providence or fate, does not exist apart from our present actions, as the future evolves from the present. Fortune has no independent relevance. It is just an idea in the mind. The main query should be, "Is it the proposition of God?" Do not call it accident; it is desired, ordained by God. It is the divine design and we are required to implement the same. "If it is not my desire and design, it is somebody else's desire and design and that is why I am here and not accidentally". This outlook is ennobling and pleasing.

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