Sunday 1 November 2015

Amritasya putrah

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says Be self –propelled, tap the in-exhaustible source of Divinity within and that is what will lead you to the goal.
Knowing fully well that I have to fulfill my vow, I stand firm on my own ground and fight, so that no external power can frighten me. I need no help from outside nor do I borrow strength from anybody. How can we plan for our life only on borrowings from others? It is impossible. Borrowing inspiration from others is slavery. A youthful man marries a young lady. They live together but later on the lady gets sick of the man and leaves him. He is morose, gloomy and un-energetic. Why should somebody's life be dependent upon others? He has no inspiration and does not work. Our life should not depend upon external things. We have got our inspiration from the eternal source of energy. All other sources are transitory. When we live with this faith we have no death, we are immortal. Difficulties will always be there. We should not be perplexed. No depression in any case. Reach this stage; the sooner the better.

There are people in the society who are ready to be propelled. Let the engine be there to take us, say, the bogies. Engines move the bogies; they do not require to be moved. If a super engine is necessary to move the engine then they are not engines. We are out to change the society in a particular direction. We must lead the crowd. If we become one of the crowd then who shall be the leader? We must be the leader and not one of the crowd. Our battery gets charged as we move on and on, and we charge other batteries. Here we are, what Swamiji addresses in Upanishadic words, "Sons of immortality" Amritasya Putrah.

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