Tuesday 10 November 2015

Need n Method of Sadhana

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Having understood the importance of time saved, another important aspect that needs to be looked into is Regular Self-communion, its need and method. Eknathji says :  Get up very early in the morning. Through practice, even an alarm clock will not be necessary. And after exercising the body, mind and intellect, have some Self-communion or Ishwarapranidhana. This inner Self did exist before it came to this land of action (karmabhoomi), and it shall continue to be there, even when this body is lost.
From where have I come, where shall I go, why am I here – such question are to be meditated upon. This earth is a temporary residence and one day, we shall have to leave it. What is this "I"? If you spend half an hour in communion with the self, then what you do for the remaining twenty-three and a half hours is Sadhana. Do not be under the wrong impression about Sadhana, as told by others. It is all right for them. For you, Sadhana means this only and nothing else. If you do this Ishwarapranidhana early in the morning before you start your day's schedule, you are on the right track. You get the correct perspective and you move successfully.
This is why in our Pratahsmaran, we chant....pratah smarami hridi samsphuradatmatatvam. That principle which is pulsating in our heart for all 24 hrs is to be remembered. This is the sadhana which has to be done in the early morning hours and the day has to begin.
Again in the night, we chant shivoham shivoham.... with all good, bad happenings; success, failure in the various events and the sakshi bhava has to be recalled and proper understanding about ourselves has to be done. This is our Sadhana.

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