Friday 13 November 2015

God proposes...

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Eknathji now tells how our outlook needs to be changed. He revises the saying, Man Proposes and God disposes into God Proposes and Man disposes. He says : Really it is man who disposes God's proposals and not vice-versa
When we do not succeed in any of our activity, we are in the habit of exclaiming, "What am I to do?" 'Man proposes and God disposes'. When we desire to do, God does not co-operate. It is an injustice. All this reasoning is sound apparently, but in reality what we notice is that "God proposes and Man Disposes".

Take the example of our own country. There is no other country so beautiful and variegated as ours. It has all climates, all types of people, all varieties of land, all kinds of crops, vegetation, flora and fauna, fruits and what not. From the coldest snow-clad Himalayas to the hottest deserts, from the heaviest rainfall of 700 inches at Cherapunji to rainless regions of deserts, we have all variations.

In food grains, rice, wheat, maize and other crops, all types of vegetables multifarious types of tender fragrant flowers, manifold varieties of large and small sweet fruits, woods and jungles, rivers and lakes, mountains and plateaus and all other conceivable varieties are found in this great land of ours. It rains incessantly and so torrentially at Cherapunji that the amount of rainfall is a record for the whole world, an annual rainfall of over 700 inches, while in other places, one has to be the proverbial chatak bird constantly looking skyward for a single drop of rain-water. Meghalaya is really the house of clouds. There are clouds and clouds only in the region. The roads and the houses, the fields and the lakes, the high and the low areas are all covered and enveloped by clouds, throughout the year.

Looking at this panorama, it appears that God has taken a special care in showering and bedecking this land with all possible fancies of His creation and has not shown miserliness in any respect whatsoever. It is more than the Nandanavana of the heavens. There is no dearth of metals and minerals. In fact, the land seems to be flooded with all types of prosperity on all sides.

However, what is our condition? Is it not proving God Proposes and Man Disposes?

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