Monday 16 November 2015 disposes

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji after telling about the great bounties that the God has showered on us says, God has proposed great things to be done by Indians. But, alas, the Indians have disposed His will. With a very feeling heart he says : But what is our performance?
But alas! .......What is the performance of sixty crores (today 127 crs) of human beings breathing in this land? When we think seriously about this, we have to accept that God proposes and man disposes. It appears as though these people have taken a vow, or accepted a challenge to frustrate all the plans of God. God proposed that the people of this bountiful land should live the ideal life of human society and give a lead to the rest of the world. But they become slaves. In spite of natural defenses, there were invasions after invasions and always the great populace of this land surrendered before a handful of brute invaders and allowed them either to loot this land or occupy the territory and rule over them.

The foreigners ruled over this vast country for centuries together and we, the sons of the soil, have taken great care, century after century, to dispose of the high-soaring proposals of God. Instead of attacking boldly and courageously the invaders, we have continuously and constantly used our power and strength in raising a war against the designs of the Lord. Our performance is so poor and so shameful that we cannot read history. We have to shut the book and think of what we are.

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