Tuesday 13 October 2015

When to speak.....

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

WHAT TO TALK, WHERE TO TALK, HOW TO TALK, WHOM TO TALK TO and WHEN TO TALK is very important for all workers.
In Ramayana, about Sri Hanuman these qualities are always spoken. After seeing Sita Mata, when Hanuman returns and meets Sri Ram, knowing pretty well what must be going on in the mind of Sri Ram, Hanuman says DRUSHTVA SITA. I saw Sita Mata. And then rest of the things followed. Because of such qualities only, Hanuman is called buddhimatam varishtha:

We also know in the last few days of Swamiji's mahanirvan, the biography notes :
On Wednesday the Swami fasted, following the orthodox rule: it was the eleventh day of the moon. Sister Nivedita came to the monastery to ask him some questions about her school; but he was not interested and referred her to some other Swamis. He insisted, however, on serving Nivedita the morning meal. To quote the Sister's words:
Each dish, as it was offered — boiled seeds of the jack-fruit, boiled potatoes, plain rice, and ice-cold milk — formed the subject of playful chat; and finally, to end the meal, he himself poured the water over her hands, and dried them with a towel.
'It is I who should do these things for you, Swamiji! Not you for me!' was the protest naturally offered. But his answer was startling in its solemnity — 'Jesus washed the feet of his disciples!'
Something checked the answer, 'But that was the last time!' as it rose to the lips, and the words remained unuttered. This was well. For here also, the time had come.
We find here, Sister Nivedita controlling herself keeping awareness about what to speak, when to speak.....

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