Friday 16 October 2015

Ours is to build Hindu society

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

We have taken Vivekananda as the name of our Organisation. But we have to take care that it does not become a sect, an exclusive organisation. Ours is an inclusive organisation, inclusive mind set and therefore Eknathji says that the followers create sect out of their Gurus eternal teachings and with examples he places before us the historical facts. It is a caution for each of the karyakarta as to how much one should insist on one's own opinion. Ekanthji says :
Vivekananda did not preach his own philosophy; he gave thoughts of the Upanishads. He gave nothing new, but he poured a new life and vigour into the age-old thoughts to enlighten the new age.
Many a time, the disciples have a very clever knack of cutting down their Guru to size. They manoeuvre in such a way as to prove that the endeavour of the Guru was to establish a new sect. The Arya Samaj, established by Swami Dayananda, had the objective to mobilize Hindu society as one single homogeneous people, but the result is that Arya Samaj has become one more sect in Hindu society. Guru Nanak is another illustration. He aspired to build an assertive God-intoxicated Hindu society. As a result, a new community was created whose followers denied that they were Hindus. In 1938-39 there were fights between Hindus and Arya Samajists as well as between Hindus and Sikhs. In 1940 census, the Arya Samajists declined to be classified as Hindus and named themselves as Aryas. All efforts of uniting Hindu society by effacing communities or sects have been frustrated and defeated and we find that something is added to the sum total of existing sects.

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