Thursday 8 October 2015

collective will

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji tells about adjustment with co-workers in still a different way. He says :In the missionary organization mutual relationship of the members, of the constituents is of a different type. If we were to prepare a diagram of the missionary organization, missionary organization means its members, if we were to depict it by way of a diagram hundreds and thousands and millions of people joining the mission. Now what will be the diagram? Diagram may be millions of concentric circles. One center. One center and circles. Millions, millions, doesn't matter. One center. All look at the same center. They are all concentric. Not like Navagrahas. They are all concentric. All people looking at the same center and therefore the relationship is of a different order. Just as in the morning I said "angles which are equal to the same angle are equal to…." this theorem. All these concentric circles because they have got one center, all look at the same center. So they enjoy the happiest relationship with one another. In a missionary organization not only everybody vies with one another to give, who can give more, vying with one another to give. In the whole world you will find people vying with one another to take, to grab, if somebody is required to give, if possible you should grab them, grab, grab and  . When you join a missionary organization then you vie with one another to give. You give your blood, you give everything, you give time, you give your energy, you give all your intellect and all your genius for the cause. Then not only giving what you possess but you tend to acquire more and more so that you can give more. This constant transformation, the constant struggle to gain more and more enables you to give more and more. There develops this mutual relationship because of this one goal binding all of us. That everybody's development, everybody's success is in the interest of others. There is no leg pulling that in order that, 'I should go ahead I must pull the legs of my  co-workers'. This is to be considered detestable. Everybody is interested in the development of others, so the happy relationship ensues. 

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