Monday 26 October 2015

Be a self reliant worker

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji wants us to be a self reliant worker. It is said, if your peace and joy depend on someone over whom you have no control, you can never be peaceful. Be detached from everything. Do your duty; that is all. It is Sri Thakur's work and you are dedicated to that. Do it; that is all, nothing else. Do not worry about other things. If this advise is followed, we could be self reliant. Eknathji says :

The master organizer is a resourceful and efficient personality. He encompasses the whole field of activity and gives his colour to the atmosphere. As one lamp lights another, so also he enkindles the flame of work in the workers of the region. How many co-workers he has been able to nurture so far, who can actively participate in the activity, is the measure of his success.

I read a magazine in which half the articles were by the editor himself. Some feel proud about the editor and others admire his patient sustained hard labour. But the fact is that he has not been able to attract the writers to contribute to his magazine. The editor writes most of the articles but it is creditable neither to him nor to the magazine. If, at a function arranged by the worker of our Kendra, he welcomes the guest and the audience, he introduces the guest and the Kendra to the public, he sings the welcome song, he conducts the Yogasana demonstrations, he looks to the arrangements and finally he proposes a vote of thanks, people may praise and admire him for his being efficient, but as an organizer he is a great failure. His work has not been creditable and praiseworthy.

So many people should be roped into each and every activity. That will create a Team and having such strong, working team is the success of the worker.

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