Sunday 18 October 2015

Be liberal in outlook

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Vivekananda Kendra is a meeting point. This brings a greater responsibility on everybody. How should we behave while shouldering this responsibility? Eknathji says : We are not a cult and we do not have any hostility to other cults. We do not speak disparagingly about any sect or cult or person. We do not treat anybody as superior or inferior. We steer clear of all groups and we do not have special affinity for anybody. We believe in constructive work, and strong likes or dislikes for anybody are harmful to it. They are not congenial to the mental health also. Fanaticism is intolerance of others views. We must clearly understand the view-point of others also. Liberality in outlook is essential.

There is a parable about a Shiva devotee. He did not relish the name of Vishnu or Narayana. While going on the way if anybody unintentionally utters the name of Narayana or Hari or Vishnu etc., he would immediately ring the bells to wash off the sin of hearing Vishnu's name. On account of his having bells on the ears he was called Ghantakarna. One day, while worshipping Lord Shiva the incense was burnt. But Lord Shiva to show him that such a difference as Shiva and Vishnu did not really prevail; presented himself as half-Shiva and half-Vishnu. This Shiva devotee was so much perturbed at the strange sight that he closed the nostril on the side of Vishnu, lest the incense should be smelt by Him.

Such is the fanaticism in people. People are fanatic about their own village or about vegetarianism and about so many things in the world. A certain pleader always insisted and tried to convince the people that his village was the hub of the earth. Somebody declared and started propaganda that to drink cow's milk was sin. Fanaticism existed about yoga and about meditation and what not. To yield to some good points of others is not bad. Staunch attitude about any thing is not always beneficial. People are devotees of different saints but the inspiration they get is the same. Then what is the harm in accepting their right thoughts?

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