Monday 30 March 2015

कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम् । We will make the whole universe noble.

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Together with such systems, we have also lost certain good qualities of life. Our philosophical and secular literature is full of evidence which shows that the ancients had immense self-confidence in them. कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम् । We will make the whole universe noble. was their vow.
Eknathji says, they had such immense trust in themselves that if they desired and decided, they could do and undo things. They declared the immortality of the soul and accepted the potential divinity of each soul, thus facing death boldly with as great a joy as one would change the old clothes and take new ones. What grief is there and why weep when one changes the garments? We are born and therefore we must die, and die not eternally but die to be born again with a new body with all the vigour and luster for a fresh life.

Eknathji further explains, they ancient seers developed the theory of 'reap as you sow' and therefore, the future of every individual, was not the idiosyncrasy and the fanciful will of any superior master or overlord, but it was in his hands. But we have lost that. If anybody, by this efforts and firm will achieves greatness, we immediately attribute the same to his being a superhuman being, because we have lost all self-confidence in ourselves and we want to conceal the inferiority complex and the diffidence. The great man is immediately turned into an avatara and we try to escape the responsibility of emulating the outstanding and ideal qualities of the person.

Swamiji rightly observed, "He is an atheist, who does not have faith and confidence in his own self." We have to revive that potentiality and self-confidence. 

Eknathji emphasis, Fearlessness is another superb quality which we have lost. Such enormous youth power we have, but it is wasted as our youths are chicken-hearted. There is no sense of adventure, we are terribly afraid of death. We speak of high principle but live just the contrary. Our concepts, beliefs and faiths move in one direction and our stream of life flows just in the opposite direction. It's a very brave and fearless philosophy of our ancients, but we have forgotten it, and live a pitiable life.

Eknathji conclude by saying, We must remember the glorious past of our ancients and must make bold to revive all those ideal virtues and values of life which we have lost and forgotten.

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