Saturday 28 March 2015

Organisation is in our blood

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya P Parameswaranji gives us examples to make us understand how we had organised life of our own style. He says : Sri Aurobindo has taken up this question in his 'Foundations of Indian Culture'. Towards the end where he deals with the question of Indian polity, he examines it threadbare and says how we had a very scientific and a very well ordered organised existence. He has explained in detail. Even foreign scholars have recorded their observations that Indian polity has been one of the most well organised systems in the whole world. Our Panchayat Raj for example. But for this Panchayat Raj, our country would have been smashed to smithereens by these foreign aggressors. We were able to withstand all these onslaughts because of the powerful existence of the Panchayat Raj, which are called the republics, the village republics of India. They survived through all these ages.

Take a look at the Shankara Maths. The Math was established by Adi Shankaracharya, may be in the eighth or ninth century, even according to calculation by Western scholars. Even today they continue to exist as powerful and inspiring centres for social, cultural and religious guidance of the entire society. Such wonderful stamina they have!. Take the temples, for example. Party offices are set up yesterday. They collapse today. But temples continue through the ages. Even in the most decadent form, somebody will light a lamp there. The continuity is maintained. Sometimes they fall on evil days but again they recover. Through ups and downs, the continuity is there. So there is an organisation. There have been many studies on it, many of us have also read about them. Similarly temples. There are temples confined to one village. There are temples which are meant for a group of villages. There are temples which are for the whole nation.

There is an intricate web of relationship. The society is interwoven with all these institutions. A very marvellous system of organisation has been there in all these spheres. Hence we know organisation is not something that is new to us. Organisation is in our blood. What is more, that organisation is according to our own necessity, of our own type! We have given the organisational structure, the ethos, the inspiration from our own view of life, our own spiritual mission of reality.

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