Saturday 14 March 2015

Organised society

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

After the training of the karyakarta on the core front about which one should think, introspect and find out as to what is one's goal of life, how one should wish to live a life of fulfillment, etc Mananeeya Eknathji places before him the way to live a purposeful life. And for that one needs to understand the basics of the land in which one is born. Here, at the very beginning Eknathji places the concept of Organised society that the Bharat was. However, there was deterioration and about that he says : That this institution has deteriorated into an ignoble and a scornful casteism is a natural outcome of the negligence on the part of later social leaders to breathe new air into the social life with the change of the order. The society is always progressive and the eternal principles and values, even though ideal and perfect, have to be presented in the new form in the context of the changed circumstances. Otherwise, they become fossilized and result in an unpleasant rot. The Westerners borrowed the idea of organization from India and have reoriented it to suit the new era and have presented it in a new form.

It is true that due to continuous aggression, our main attention went in protecting ourselves from outside enemies. The best of the intellect got engaged into that. And therefore the Yugadharma could not be taken care of. That needs to be amended. And so, Eknathji says : Indians are said to lack the sense of organization, but the foregoing explanation will prove the falsehood in the charge. The sense of organization did exist in the very blood of Indians in the past and it did not think only of the physical development and the intellectual progress of the individual, but even provided for the spiritual welfare; not only the mundane life on earth but even for the life after death, in the next world. The fourfold Ashrama system was evolved through this aim and principle and it provided enough opportunities for the individual to better his chances in the next  world as well as for the next life. We Indians have forgotten that organization is the very innate quality of our social life. The social order provided for the livelihood of an individual soon after his birth; there was no need to wander from place to place with rolls of applications in hand in search of a job. Every village had the artisans and the craftsmen of varied types to fulfill the requirements of the village and thus the village was a self-sufficient and self-supporting unit. For the individual, care, shelter, food and protection were thus assured. This mutual co-operation of complementing and supplementing the social existence was seen centuries ago in this very land.

The careful planning of the ancient society is beyond our imagination. This has continued for thousands of years, simply because every individual knew his limitation and without jealousy and competition lived a happy and contented life. Every individual had an equally important position in the society like the smallest screw in a huge machine and the society worked smoothly screw in the huge machine and the society worked smoothly and silently without any murmur or noise, like the enormous machine running smoothly and silently.

We need to work to bring back this glory.

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