Sunday 8 March 2015

Sadhana needs Bravery

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
 We need rigours of Sadhana to make life purposeful. Taking on our mind in a proper way really needs a brave approach. Mananeeya Eknathji says : Bravery is in facing the everyday struggle boldly. There is always struggle, external as well as internal in the achievement of one's goal. Every one must face this struggle boldly. Bravery is not limited to battlefields; it is equally essential in everyday struggle. In wars, it is not the weapons that fight. Weapons are only the means; the men, with these weapons in hands, behind which are brave hearts, fight.
We recall here what is given in 'Bunch of Thoughts' said by
Param Poojaneeya Sri Guruji :
There is a beautiful anecdote narrated in Mahabharata. There was a queen by name Vidula. She sent her son Sanjay to the war-field but the fellow became nervous and terror-stricken. He turned his back to the enemies and galloped to his capital. When Vidula saw her son in that crestfallen state she closed the entrance to the fort and severely chastised him. That conversation between the mother and the son has become famous as Vidula-Sanjay-Samvad, wherein Vidula instructs her son as to how a brave warrior should conduct himself on the battlefield. She then orders him to go back to war and return as a victorious hero. As the story goes, Sanjay sallied forth into the battlefield, displayed exemplary valour and came back to be received by his mother with honour.

Eknathji further says : But it is difficult to determine the dividing line between bravery and cowardice. The circus manager, who can easily handle lions and tigers as cats, is mortally afraid of his wife. He is meek, submissive and tame before her. A man who can successfully fight single-handed with hundred dacoits, loses his courage at the sight of a dead body because dead body implies a ghost and the thought of ghost unnerves him. A man whose potentialities spring up at the sight of a danger is a brave man. He rises to the occasion and at the sight of a tiger, does not run away, but boldly fights with the creature single-handed without any weapon. He is wounded by the tiger and later rescued by the travelers. But he does not know from where the strength arises in him.

That is why, understanding the bravery is essential and it needs to be practiced in day to day life.

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