Wednesday 4 March 2015

Train ur body n mind for d battle of life

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
 We observe that the question in front of Arjuna and Duryodhana are the same. Eknathji therefore says - Struggle is not with the external world but with the internal world. He further illustrates it by saying : To win in the battle - training of body and mind is a must. The individuals are forced to act otherwise by the temptations. Thus, the struggle arises because of the conscience. Remove the conscience, and there is no struggle. The better the knowledge, the sharper is the conscience and more formidable becomes the struggle. Here the struggle is not with the external world but a struggle within one's own self. The mind soars high and even higher, but we do not prove a match to it. One's own level together with the ideas of good and expectations create a keen struggle. "High thinking and plain living" is a good principle, but very difficult to practice. We know of people who can be described as "high thinking and petty living".

Having known these facts, the need is to raise ourselves. How to do it? What is practical solution to it? Eknathji says : How to rise to the ideas and prove equal to them is the great problem. There arise objections and obstructions in every work that you desire to undertake. People take delight in aspiring for broad outlook and if any one starts a good work for a small group of people it appears to be narrow to them and they will go on increasing the field of work to the Hindus and then to all the Indians and above this for the universe and ultimately for the whole animal world. But what about translating the ideas that we cherish? Here the struggle starts. In 1962, we lost the battle with China because our army was not trained in mountain warfare. Thereafter a special "mountain division" was created and the necessary training was imparted to them. Germany had to fight in the hot climate of Egypt and also in the severe cold climate of Russia. So she created artificial climate and trained her troops to fight in similar climatic conditions. Thus battle demands rigorous training. So, one has to train one's body and mind for the battle of life.

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