Friday 20 March 2015

Unity in Diversity vs Diversity in Unity

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji throws light on one important point which the workers have to always keep in mind. They are to work in the society. While working with the people, it is but natural to see the shortcomings, differences which leads to comparison between two persons, two communities, etc. And that sows the seeds of differentiation in the educated minds also. Therefore the need is to evolve ourselves. How to do it? Here Eknathji shows the way :

He says : Unionism is based on individualism and in it the view of the whole is lost. How has this happened?

With the passage of time, a consciousness of difference of one individual from the other dawned on the people and under one pretext or the other, people tried to form separate groups to guard their self-interest from others. The idea of community life was subordinated to self-interest. Instead of the eternal unity in diversity, they propagated a false value of diversity without unity and so trying to change everything into uniformity.

The selfishness, self interest became prominent and therefore, what could have been a boon became a curse. He says : The principle of unionism has worked wonders and we find that not only the labour is united against the capitalist, but the patients and the nurses and the doctors in a hospital have got their respective unions to fight the cause of self-interest! The concept that hospital itself is a unit as a whole and must work smoothly for the welfare of all, is completely set aside and the conflict starts among the various constituents of the hospital.

And therefore, there is need to see the Unity in the whole of the creation. With that seen, the changes will take place. He says : It is as ludicrous as the limbs of the body fighting amongst themselves forgetting that one cannot exist without the others, while they together constitute what is described as a body. But queer ideas of differentiation are invented by the people forgetting that differences are unavoidable in nature. Man is not manufactured and made to order as a machine. The differences are not a curse, but a boon for the corporate organized community life. Mutual cooperation and dependence create sympathy and harmony.

Hindu view of varna system provides equal opportunity for all, making allowances for all differences.

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