Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review for book : I Am India

   ॐ वीरेश्वराय विद्महे विवेकानन्दाय धीमहि । तन्नो वीर: प्रचोदयात् ।

I must say, your efforts are only becoming better and better! If the previous book falls in the category of a ' highly recommended', the present book falls in  'a must read, or  an essential' one. This is also because of the subject matter of the present book.
Apart from being appropriate to awaken the inherent emotions of Nationalism, the book also serves two  very important aspects.

The first is  to firmly establish Vivekananda as the fountainhead of  inspiration  behind India's freedom struggle. Bringing out the nation from the deep despair, darkness, and from complete lack of confidence. They use the word 'Stockholm syndrome'! (One similar article which was sent to me by 'Vishesh Sampark Yojana' attempting to highlight Swamiji's political philosophy, is not up to the expectation).

Second is to bring out many facts and aspects which were either unknown to the masses or only reluctantly put  in public domain due to  unfortunate compulsions or uncalled for protocols. This is of great importance because, if the society looks towards less than perfect models as a source for  inspiration, it subsequently plagues  society with multiple problems. Many of such problems like lack of manliness, fake secularism, personalities becoming more important than nation , corruption, etc,  are being witnessed currently by all of us. Only re- orienting ourselves towards Vivekananda as the true essence of Bharat and  the perfect model to follow, will give us proper direction to eradicate present evils. The present  book has brought out this aspect very clearly.

It is correctly stated that after the great Shankaracharya, for the first time such a dynamic energy, in the form of Vivekananda,  firmly anchored in spiritualism, while at the same time having nationwide appeal and effect, was unleashed in Bharat. And we all certainly feel, as always, that this energy will fulfill its ordained destiny before returning to it's potential form!

Your efforts, apart from  giving satisfaction to yourself, can  surely be seen as helping  this energy reach new quarters. There is a  wonderful and unique aspect of an inspirational  book like the present one. Once the initial efforts of its creation are completed, it continues to enlighten those  who happen to go thru and ponder over the book. And this goes on for long term, for decades, from generation to generation!  We all have seen your contribution, dedication and running around on 24x7 basis towards the successful execution of  big scale inspiring events like longest painting, Suryanamaskar, etc, along with other team members. The positive effects of these events will certainly go a long way in the memory of people. The book, on the other hand, may not reach many hundred thousand people, but will have an intense effect, on  selective persons, for a long time to come.  The kind of effect, which has the potential, sometimes to change one's course of life!

You are instrumental in bringing this treasure in our local language in a very effective way. I am certain, translating this book  must have given you a different kind of fulfillment, which very few other things are capable of, in this life.

Congratulations again to you and whoever has directly or indirectly worked with you!

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