Monday 3 June 2013

11th May Swami Vivekananda Life

11 May:
11 May 1894:
Dear Mother, (Mrs G W Hale)
I have been since the 7th, lecturing here every afternoon or evening. ... Of course, the pay for lecture is here the poorest, and everybody has an axe to grind. I got a long let-ter full of the prattles of the babies. Your city, i.e. New York, pays far better than Boston, so I am trying to go back there. But here one can get work almost every day.
I think I want some rest. I feel as if I am very much tired, and these constant journeyings to and fro have shaken my nerves a little, but hope to recoup soon. Last few days I have been suffering from cold and slight fever and lecturing for all that; hope to get rid of it in a day or two.
I have got a very nice gown at $30. The colour is not exactly that of the old one, but cardinal, with more of yellow--could not get the exact old colour even in New York.
11 May 1898 : Left Howarth station toward the Himalayas with a group of brother disciples, his disciples including Sister Nivedita, Josephine MacLeod, and Mrs. Ole Bull

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