Monday 3 June 2013

8th May Swami Vivekananda Life

May 8 :
May 8, 1896 :
Dear Mrs. Bull--
Your last letter to Sturdy at hand. They, I am sorry to say, leave us nowhere. I could not make anything out of them.
What are we to do? Is the book going to be published or not? Prof. [William] James's introduction 110 is of no use in England. So why wait so long for that; and what use are those long explanations about him?
Our hands are tied down. Why do you not write something plain and decisive? Life is short and time is flying. I am so sorry you are losing sight of that. Your letters are full of explanations [and] directions, but not one word about what is to be done!!! So much red tape about printing a little book!! Empires are managed with less manipulation than that, I am sure!! So kindly write at your earliest something precise about the book and whether it is going to be printed or not, and pray make the writing a little legible.

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