Monday 3 June 2013

13th May Swami Vivekananda Life

13 May :
13th May 1901:
Dear Christine,
I arrived in the Math yesterday. This morning came your short note. You must have got my letters by this time, and [I] hope this will give you a taste of how sometimes silence is gold.
I have beautiful letters from everywhere this morning and am quite happy. I paid a long visit of two months to Assam and different parts of eastern Bengal. For combined mountain and water scenery, this part of the country is unrivalled.
Either I am to go to Europe this summer, and thence to the U.S., or you come over to India--things are all getting ready to that end. Mother knows Her ways. For one thing, I am calm, very calm, and hope to keep a hold on this state for a long time; and you are my best help to keep this poise, are you not? I will write more in my next; just now these few lines--and a hundred pardons I beg for their scantiness. Yet silence tells more sometimes than all the speech in the world.
Also to Dheera Mata : You are right: my experiences are bringing about calmness --great calmness.

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