Tuesday 4 June 2013

18th May Swami Vivekananda Life

18 May :
18 May 1894 : Lawrence American and Andover Advertiser :The Brahman Monk-Swami Vivekananda The Guest of the Woman's Club

Swami Vivekananda did not fail to inform the audience in English words which could not be misunderstood, that the effort to raise his people by teaching them the Christian religion was a thankless task. He said: We have seen the Greek and the Persian come to us we have seen the Spaniard with guns come to make us Christians, still we are Hindoos and thus we shall remain. Had Vivekananda used all the power of his flashing eyes and his expressive voice it would have been a most dramatic speech when he said: I dare here in America to say that we of India shall stand by our religion.
He said our customs were good for us and we were welcome to them. He stood before us as he has before many a cultured American audience — he, the learned exponent of the Brahman religion, the only Hindoo who has ever come to this country to tell us — as forcibly as he dared and as politely as he could and yet be forcible, — to say no more to the poor Hindoo but to be so very kind as to mind our own business.

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