Thursday 6 June 2013

5th June Swami Vivekananda Life

5 June:
5 June 1896 : To Mrs. Bull.
The Raja-Yoga book is going on splendidly. Saradananda goes to the States soon.
I do not like any one whom I love to become a lawyer, although my father was one. My Master was against it, and I believe that that family is sure to come to grief where there are several lawyers. Our country is full of them; the universities turn them out by the hundreds. What my nation wants is pluck and scientific genius. So I want Mohin to be an electrician. Even if he fails in life, still I will have the satisfaction that he strove to become great and really useful to his country.  In America alone there is something in the air which brings out whatever is best in every one. I want him to be daring, bold, and to struggle to cut a new path for himself and his nation. An electrical engineer can make a living in India.
5 June 1898 : Swami Vivekananda returns to Almora after a week long tour with Seviers
He got the message of nirvana of Sri Pavahari Baba.

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