Wednesday 5 June 2013

29th May Swami Vivekananda Life

29 May:
29 May 1897 : Dr Bhushan Ghosh from Almora : Anyhow I feel very, very strong now. You ought to see me, Doctor, when I sit meditating in front of the beautiful snow peaks and repeat from the Upanishads:
He has neither disease, nor decay, nor death; for, verily, he has obtained a body full of the fire of Yoga."I am very glad to learn of the success of the meetings of the Ramakrishna Mission at Calcutta. All blessings attend those that help in the great work. .
 29 May 1899 : [Frank Rhodehamel's notes of the Bhagavad-Gitâ lecture delivered Tuesday, 
 May 29, 1900, in San Francisco, California]
1. "If you know everything, disturb not the childlike faith of the innocent."
2. "Religion is the realization of Spirit as Spirit. Not spirit as matter."
3. "You are spirit. Realize yourselves as spirit. Do it any way you can."
4. "Religion is a growth": each one must experience it himself.
5. "Everyone thinks 'my method is the best'. That is so, but it is the best for you."
6. "Spirit must stand revealed as spirit."
7. "There never was a time when spirit could be identified with matter."
8. "What is real in nature is the spirit."
9. "Action is in nature."
10. "'In the beginning there was That Existence. He looked and everything was created.'"
11. "Everyone works according to his own nature."
12. "You are not bound by law. That is in your nature. The mind is in nature and is bound by  law."
13. "If you want to be religious, keep out of religious arguments."
14. "Governments, societies, etc., are evils."
"All societies are based on bad generalizations."
"A law is that which cannot be broken."
15. "Better never love, if that love makes us hate others."
16. "The sign of death is weakness; the sign of life is strength."

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