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VRM Chronology 1968



19.02.1968           Purchased a house in Kanyakumari Township (No. 2/84) with 18 cents land for Rs.38,000/-.

29.03.1968         Between 19-02-1968 and 29-03-1968,  2 acres and 11 3/8 cents were purchased.

07.05.1968         The LCM Boat reached Kanyakumari.

19.06.1968         Submerged cable to the Rock was energised.  Power supply was effected on 20.06.1968 at a cost of Rs.41,500/-

26.06.1968         Reservoir No. 1 is ready.

                                       Land purchased so far – 24 acres and 16 7/12 cents for Rs.2,60,004/54.

26.06.1968         L.C.M. was named as "Vijaya".

26.06.1968         Life boat was named as 'Jaya'.

26.06.1968         Newly purchased house was named as "Vivekananda Bhavan".  Decided to shift the office there.

26.06.1968         A proposal to have a pilot plant to produce electricity from sea water was considered and decided not to undertake such experiment.

18.09.1968         Permission to construct Shripada Mandapam was received.

19.10.1968         Permission obtained from Collector of Central Excise to transport dressed stones from shore to Rock vide their order No. C.No. VIII/48/196/88-cus. Dt: 19.10.1968.

12.11.1968         A hand grenade was found in one of the hume pipes near breakwater wall.

25.11.1968         Tamil Nadu Government declared Kanyakumari a Minor port by their order No. M.S. No. 2484 dt: 25,11,1968.

27.12.1968         Tentative date fixed for inauguration of the Rock Memorial –   9-3-1970.

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