Wednesday 6 November 2019

Chronology of VRM 1969



28/29.01.69       Garbhanyasam ceremony was held for all the four pillars around the Statue point, pillars for the door frames of the Main mandapam and also Garbha Griham of the

                            Devipada Mandapam.

31.03.1969         Underwater pipeline laid, but became a failure.

19.04.1969         Tamil Nadu Government by G.O.Ms.No.638 dt. 19.04.1969 levied a toll tax of 50 paise on all adults and 25 paise on all minors visiting the Vivekananda Rock.

28.04.1969         Second time underwater pipe line failed.

16.05.1969         AFCO barge reached Kanyakumari (Vikrama).

05.08.1969         The name of the commemoration volume was changed to "India's Contribution to World Thought and Culture".

14.08.1969         Tamil Nadu Government by an order kept levying toll tax in abeyance.

05.11.1969         Revised estimate of Rs.67,30,000/- approved.

28.12.1969         Decided to construct semi-permanent building at the lands purchased to accommodate about 2000 visitors to Kanyakumari.

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