Friday 8 November 2019

They are inspired

Sri Riktib Quipal - Ambassador of INDIA TO AUSTRIA on 2 Oct 1972 - This is a beautiful memorial in the finest INDIAN tradition to a great son of INDIA who has done more than perhaps anyone else in recent years to take the spiritual message of our country to the West. On this rock INDIA'S LAND ENDS, BUT TO THE OUTSIDER HERE begins the eternal truth that is enshrined in INDIA'S spiritual l experience through the ages.

Smt M.S.Subbalakshmi, Smt Radha Viswananathan – 1 Oct 1973 - What a joy to see the dream of EKNATH RANADE fulfilled in a manner which defies all descriptions. Ranade is GOD'S GIFT TO US. So long  as the sound of two movers links, the shine of the moon exists, the glory of Ranade's achievement will linger on the memories of men & women.  "This great monument on the rock will even inspire not only the people of India but the entire mankind the same may Swami Vivekananda did when he crossed the ocean & carried the torch of VEDANTA to the west eight decades ago." We were dreaming all these days to visit this sacred spot .Our dream is fulfilled today. We feel blessed.  

Sri T.C.R.Kothandarama Dist. & Session S Judge, Tirunelveli – 1 Oct 1973 - A wonderful monument indeed. Meditation here for a few minutes made me forget the affairs of the outside world & enabled me to concentrate on GOD for some time. Frequent visit to this holy place is necessary to get concentration. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE.

Sri Rajnath Singh, Minister for Education, Govt.of U.P. – 1 Oct 1991 -  आज दिनांक अक्टूबर ९१ को प्रथम बार Vivekananda Rock Memorial प्रत्यक्ष रूप से देखने का अवसर प्राप्त हुआ| यह देश की अद्वितीय कृति है| प्रेरणा प्राप्त हुई कि भौतिक आवश्यकताओं के अतिरिक्त आध्यात्मिक विकास मानव सुख के लिए अपरिहार्य है |

Sri Ram Saran Chand Mittal, M.L.A. and Chairman Land Development Board, Haryana – 2 Oct 1970 - भारत माता के इस महान सपूत का स्मारक देखकर आज हम सब धन्य हुए| यह स्मारक जो भारत की एकता का प्रतीक है हम सब को इस देश की महानता का अनुभव करा देता है| मै आशा करता हूँ कि स्मारक पर आने वाले लोग विवेकानंदजी के जीवन से प्रेरणा लेकर इस देश को महान से महानतम बनाने का प्रयत्न करेंगे|

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