Tuesday 12 November 2019

A great Monument

6 Oct 1975 – Sri Ali, The Aljamchi, Ambassador of Oman - I visited much revered historical monument of Swami Vivekananda & I was amazed by the architectural magnificence which of course is indicative of the great skill of the architect. Swami Vivekananda certainly deserves to be perpetuated in this monument.


6 Oct 1976 - My  wife & I have the privilege of visiting the temple to-day. It indeed a fitting memorial to Swami Vivekanandaji. I particularly liked the idea of the 'DHYAN MANDAP' which is in  consonance with our tradition, is also modern in its get up. I am sure this temple would spread the message of Swami Vivekananda throughout the world, and would provide solace to the suffering humanity. – Sri C B Jain, Director General of Tourism


It's an inspiration for all. For spiritualist & secularists a like, for saint and scholars, for poet and politicians, for the one in need it has a purposeful message. Be Men ,man with a 'capital M'. – Sri Lal Krishna Advani 7 Oct 1971


स्वामी विवेकानन्द जी के इस स्मारक के कारण भारत वर्ष की परिक्रमा पूर्ण करने वालों को आत्मिक संतोष सुख का लाभ मिलेगा | अखंड भारत की सेवा का व्रत दृढीभूत होगा | विवेकानंदपुरम की व्यवस्था से आत्मियता का वातावरण निर्माण होता है | निश्चिंत होकर आराधना में लीन होने का आनंद मिलता है | - Sri Sundar Singh Bhandari, 7 Oct 1971


The message the heart carries imprinted on it.  AFTER SITTING IN MEDITATION IN Dhyan Mandapam, after reverentially drinking in the heavenly ( e.g.spirit) of the foot print of mother Parvati, after salutation to the statue of Swami Vivekananda & the inspiring paintings of Sri Ramakrishana & Sharada Mata ,is that true meditation must flower into dedicated action - service of millions of our countrymen.   Thanks to Ekthanth Ranade ,who has been inspired to give shape to Swami Vivekananda in  great vision in the shape of this magnificent memorial. – Prof K N Vaswani, Editor of Complete Works of Mahatma Gandhi, later Vice-President of Vivekananda Kendra – 8 Oct 1973


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